Release Dates Page Update

Release Dates Page Update


Remember when I said there would be some benefits to the new layout? One of those benefits is that I was finally able to fix our release dates page. You can check it out any time here and it is located in the menu under the news tab.

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Tyler Hess has been running Christian Music Zine since he created the site in 2008. His favorite bands are Relient K, Bleach, Emery, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime, Children 18:3 and Anberlin. Twitter = @tylerscotthess More Posts

3 Comments to “Release Dates Page Update”

  1. Hey Tyler, are you gonna post a review of The Classic Crime’s “Phoenix”? I’ve been surprised no one has reviewed it yet.

    Also does anyone know if Showbread’s new record “Cancer” is really coming out August 28th? JFH is the only place I see it, but it would make sense considering two of the songs from it have been out for a while. That’s one I’m super excited for!

    • I hope too…they didnt send it to me, but I bought phoenix yesterday, so I hope to get a review done soon-ish

      I doubt Showbread would come out w/ an album in 2 weeks w/out some promotion

  2. They started filming the movie just last week, so I’d be surprised.

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