Relient K Finishing Up New Record

Relient K Finishing Up New Record


According to Matthew Hoopes on twitter, Relient K is finishing up their new album, which I expect will be released early 2013. They are working on the album with producer Paul Moak, who also produced House of Heroes’ latest album Cold Hard Want, which is a good indication that this will be awesome. I’ve heard three of the songs live and they were some fun pop rock jams.

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  1. Was kind of worried by the few songs I heard live honestly. Not that there was anything questionable, but I really hope Relient K doesn’t cater too much to the mainstream crowd both musically AND lyrically on this one. It all sounded very…pop radioish. But I still believe Relient K is incapable of releasing mediocre material so we’ll just see. As it is this is easily my most anticipated for 2013. :)

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