Poema – Sing It Now (Review)

Tooth & Nail Records

Released March 23 2010

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

When you have the right mix of assembled talent, personality and financial backing, you can really go places…the kind of places that you want go as an artist.  Poema combines the youthful inspiration of sisters Elle and Shealeen Puckett, with the experience of long time Tooth & Nail producer Aaron Sprinkle, along with backing work with talented musicians that includes Jon Bucklew, the drummer from label mate Copeland, to give us a brief look into what is coming from them in their young, but talented career to come.

Sing It Now is a collection of acoustic pop rock songs, with Shealeen hitting the keys, Elle rockin’ the acoustic guitar, while they give and take on the vocals.  There isn’t much variance from song to song, typically, with the melodies being cute and infectious, while the lyrics tend to pertain to boys, which fits perfectly for this spring time release as couples start to get out of their winter burrows and fall in love (or at least make the attempt).  The closest thing to a change up is the closer, “Blue Sweater”, which closes the ep with a charming ballad.

While there may not be a ton of variation from song to song, most of this ep goes from solid to very good, with a bit of delightful exuberance that will have mostly a younger audience falling for the sister-sister duo and enjoying some coffee shop tunes.  The talent is there and potential is outstanding, though there is easily room left for improvement to stand out among several similar acts to come out over the last few years.

Grade: 3.5/5


  1. 2 AM
  2. City Boy
  3. Feel The Same Way
  4. Echo Off The Sky
  5. Safe To Say
  6. Blue Sweater

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9 Comments to “Poema – Sing It Now (Review)”

  1. I think our takes on this record are pretty similar. I see great things from this sister-sister duo in the future, and this is a good start for them, but after hearing Tal & Acacia do this sound so much more effectively, it’s hard to truly LOVE this record.

  2. I love this record, it’s so awesome. I do know that Tegan & Sara do this sound pretty well but Poema are different enough to separate themselves from any comparisons.

  3. yea, Roger, I read your review earlier this morning (thought it was funny that your second opinion was up before the first opinion haha)…I think it would be hard to have a very diverse opinion on the music, its pretty straight forward what it is, but some people will like it more than others. I actually liked this a lot more than tal & acacia, which had some good songs, but some songs were kind of childish sounding, like they were Jump 5 or something.

    Brandon, I haven’t listened to Tegan & Sara, but I do know that they are touring with Paramore, they aren’t christian by any chance are they?

  4. I don’t know Tegan & Sara’s status but I don’t think so.

  5. figured haha…but there are a ton of girl duo groups out there these days

  6. The amount of Meg & Dia I heard in the only song I’ve checked out from this duo was quite disturbing. As it stands, I’ll take the Queens Club, you can have the Poema.

  7. lemme know how that works out for ya

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  9. BG Bremer // May 7, 2010 at 11:16 pm // Reply

    Poema did not record two of their songs, Boys and Bugs and, All it Takes, because Katchy recorded them just as they were going into the studio to record their debut EP. Those songs can be heard on iTunes. Search for Boys and Bugs, both songs should pop up.

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