Stellar Kart – Everything Is Different Now (Review)

Stellar Kart – Everything Is Different Now – INO Records – Released 3/9/10 – Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Out of the depths of the pop-punk (the genre that is awesome but comatose) world, Stellar Kart has tweaked and re-tweaked their sound over the years to what has now become a pulsating pop rock with hints of powerpop and a heart of worship.

Everything Is Different Now, Stellar Kart’s fourth studio album, is an album that is constantly pushing forward, directing their message mostly to the church, talking about what we have and will have in Christ, from current freedom and victory over sin to when we’re going to Heaven, which is an overtly uplifting and Christian message.

Something that is sure to stand out is the heavy number of cover songs on the record, from Fee’s “We Shine”, played out as straight up powerpop, to Matt Redman’s “You Never Let Go”, which is probably the fastest version most people have heard, as well as songs originally from Yellowcard, Audio Adrenaline and Norman Greenbaum.  The crazy thing is that most folks won’t know enough of these songs for it to really matter as it feels like a brand new album that gels really well.

Although three years ago I didn’t expect the day to come where Stellar Kart would be dropping most of their punk beats and picking up some occasional electonica programming (a bit like Eleventyseven), but the pace is still there, defining their sound despite rather minor changes.

Grade: 4/5


1. All My Heart
2. We Shine
3. Spirit In The Sky
4. Everything Is Different Now
5. It’s Not Over
6. Rescue
7. Only One
8. Never Let Go
9. Until My Heart Caves In
10. Like The Sun

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