Safe Haven – “Chasing The Sun” (Review)

Safe Haven – “Chasing The Sun” (Review)

Safe Haven Chasing The Sun Album Cover

Live Love Records

Released August 28th 2012

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

I remember when I was first introduced to Safe Haven, way back in the day (circa 2007) when they opened in a small venue in Southern California for fellow pop punk band Olivia the Band and strangely enough Future of Forestry. Back then they were touring with an independent album called Setting Up & Tearing Down, before signing to Live Love Records and releasing a more modern/pop rock album called In The Middle of Destruction in 2009.

Three years later and the band has finally produced a third release called Chasing The Sun, which is more of a throw back to their early days with a pop punk sound for those of us who are holding out hope that the genre won’t go completely extinct, while keeping some of that rock sound for a more balanced sound.

The standout track among a full set of encouragement would definitely be the title track as they sing out:

And we’ll say we were young and full of hope

And we never really did what we’re told

And we’ll say we were dumb and all alone

But we’re still chasing the sun

I’ve always felt like the band could use some slick production to make their pop punk tunes a little bit more accessible and less muddled, they’re still a band that makes enjoyable tunes filled with hope, making for a respectable release.

Score: 3.5/5

Track List:

  1. The Traveling Salesmen
  2. Easy
  3. Home
  4. Chasing The Sun
  5. Go!
  6. Free (Like Wild Horses)
  7. Blind
  8. Going Nowhere
  9. Hawaii 5-0
  10. My Recession
  11. Gone

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  1. Megan Missler // August 27, 2012 at 11:37 am // Reply

    Adding to my “bands to check out” list.

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