Sarah MacIntosh – Current (Review)

Sarah MacIntosh – Current (Review)


Released March 6th 2012

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

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It doesn’t matter the context, it could be my favorite artist or a virtual unknown, every time I listen to an album for the first time I bring with me my own baggage, bias and expectations. It could be from a long history of recorded art, some relational carryover or something as simple as a name, picture or place associated with it, there will be some kind of idea of what I expect the album to sound like when I push play.

With Sarah MacIntosh’s new album “Current”, her first with Integrity, I was quite tentative in thinking that this would be anything like it really is, as it is easy to lump a female solo artist in the contemporary Christian music scene into one big generic category (really, really, really easy) and that would have been quite the injustice. Sarah MacIntosh has a bold and brave sound of her own that blasts through her peers with a sound all her own, deep and beautiful with a music that would make her friends with fans of Coldplay and Adele while displaying a worshipful heart through her lyrics.

Current begins with the title track and it shouldn’t have been done any other way, with a song that needs to be put on a movie soundtrack without delay with a big pop ballad mixed with the words of a woman who is putting her trust in a God who will move her in any way that He pleases. Then there’s the debut single from the album, “We Should Run” with the common ethereal hook that brings us into the song with a song of joy and celebration in knowing that our Savior is lifted high.

Don’t mistake this for meaningless pop drivel or shallow worship music by any stretch of the imagination as the music on this album has a way of moving me along with MacIntosh’s own sweet vocals. There may not be as much diversity in sound from one song to the next as I would like, but I don’t know if the style doesn’t dictate that it would be difficult to see the differences even when they are there as the music moves fluidly throughout the album. There are slightly poppy moments like on “Laughters Comes Upon Us”, but the album is generally MacIntosh going for a deep and powerful mid-tempo range that creeps into the soul.

Score: 4.25/5

Track Listing:

  1. Current
  2. We Should Run
  3. Take It All
  4. Hope
  5. Laughter Comes Upon Us
  6. Galaxy Former
  7. The Damaged
  8. Hiding Place
  9. You’re Coming
  10. Calling, Calling

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