Sean Curran (Bellarive) – Interview!

Sean Curran (Bellarive) – Interview!

Lead singer and keyboardist of progressive worship collective Bellarive Sean Curran (3rd from the left) was kind enough to answer some email questions by Christian Music Zine’s Joshua Andre! His responses are below:

Thank you for taking some time out to talk with CMZ.

Q1: For the benefit of those who don’t know who Bellarive are, can you give a description of the band, and how they came about? Can you also give an insight into the heart and values of the band?

We are simple people. All six of us met at our home church in Orlando Florida while serving in the Student ministry. We began to lead worship together and could sense right away that we shared a spiritual and musical connection. It was like we could feel the Spirit weaving our hearts together. We started meeting once a week just to dive into what all that meant and during that time we began to write songs. The songs were birthed out of what the Lord was teaching us as a church and community. As we started leading them at our church, we could feel the Lord moving through them in amazing ways. It was overwhelming. All of this happened fairly quickly so, after we had a moment to catch our breath, we realized that we were a band.

Bellarive is a worship band. Our highest pursuit is to worship Jesus and to craft songs that help create a space for the rest of God’s children to worship Him as well.

Q2. How did the single “Taste of Eternity” and the album title The Heartbeat come about?

Taste of Eternity is a song that was birthed out of a time of worship. The song focuses in on the truth that we will be worshiping God forever. It’s about the idea that worship, the act of God being glorified, has an eternal scope. It has been and will always be. So, when we worship the Father, we step into an eternal space. Its like we tap into a world that our souls know very well. Its like we taste eternity.

While writing all the songs for the record, the word heart or heartbeat always ended up being such great symbolism for the meaning or theme for whatever song we were writing at the time. Eventually, it became the pulse that tied all the songs together.  So, “The Heartbeat” seemed like a fitting album title.

Q3. How did Bellarive connect with Sparrow Records?

As we were preparing to record our first full-length record, we were contacted by Sparrow. Honestly, pursuing a record deal was not on our radar at all, but after connecting with Sparrow, we really felt like the Lord was taking us down this road. We are super excited to be a part of the Sparrow family. They have such wonderful hearts.  

Q4. What are you favourite songs on the album to perform live or in the studio?

Well we love every song. Overall we feel much more at home in a live worship setting than in the studio. The song Heartbeat is really special live. There is something about the pulse of that song that just stirs your soul. It’s awesome to see how the Lord moves through it.

Q5. Are there any songs which were difficult to write and if so, why?

Most of our songs don’t come all at once or in one sitting. When you have the time, its cool to just let a song develop. It seems to work out well that way for us. We were sitting on bits and pieces of the song called “Tendons” for a few years. That wasn’t so much because it was too difficult to finish, but more because the timing just wasn’t right. Songs come in their own timing. I like that.

Q6. Was it intentional for the melody of the instrumental track “Sing” to be of similar structure to the hymn “Doxology”?

Very much so. To us, it seemed to create the proper mood more the song. It helps to posture your heart.

Q7. Give us insight into how the recording process went.

It was awesome! We recorded at a house studio called White Cabin in Atlanta GA. We spent a few weeks just living in the house and recording the record. That’s the kind of recording environment that we really thrive in. We would work until we could barely keep our eyes open. Then we’d wake up and do it all over again. You kind of get lost in it all.

Q8. You guys remind me a bit of Leeland, and musically like David Crowder*Band and Rend Collective Experiment! Who are your favourite artists at the moment? Who would you love to work with in the future?

That sounds like a great comparison! We have all been influenced by Leeland and Crowder. It would be so cool to work with any of those guys in the future.

Q9. What has God been teaching you in the Scriptures? Anything inspiring you have heard that you would like to share with us?

I have been revisiting Romans 8 a lot recently. It is such a powerful thing to embrace our true identity. God calls us his children and nothing can separate us from Him. That is such a precious inheritance. Its something that the Lord has been reminding me of a good bit lately.

Q10. What are your plans for touring and future albums?

Well, we have a full summer of camps and conferences and we are lining up some exciting things for the fall so be on the look out! It is such a privilege to worship Jesus with so many different people and communities. We can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store.

When it comes to new albums, we already have some new songs that we are super excited about so…. Its only a matter of time before the next record.

God bless you in the upcoming months! Have an awesome 2012 and 2013 with Jesus!

Bellarive‘s debut label album The Heartbeat releases via Sparrow Records on iTunes, Amazon mp3, other digital media outlets and in stores June 19th 2012. You can pick up their single “Taste Of Eternity” on iTunes as well. Check out their music video below for the single:

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