Sent By Ravens Say Goodbye, Plus Spin-Off Band?

Sent By Ravens Say Goodbye, Plus Spin-Off Band?


Indie Vision Music has found a farewell video from Sent By Ravens’ farewell show, plus it looks like some of the guys have started a punk band called Bad Talk.

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6 Comments to “Sent By Ravens Say Goodbye, Plus Spin-Off Band?”

  1. Goodbye already!? They had such a short but yet awesome time as a band… they were one of my first favorite bands. I’m sorry to hear that they’ve already quit. :/

    • according to the video they were a band for six years…a lot of 24 year olds have different ideas of what they want to do with their lives than when they are 18 or 30, so six years can be a long time, even if their “popularity” has only lasted for a couple years

  2. I think they announced the break up a few weeks ago. Sad. But at least they went out on top. I’ll have to check out the new band.


  4. One of my favorite new bands gone already? Say it aint so.

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