Show Review! Relient K And House of Heroes Live At The House of Blues!

Show Review! Relient K And House of Heroes Live At The House of Blues!

I’m getting too old for this, but I don’t care. I got a tweet from House of Heroes the day before their show in San Diego asking if anyone from our writing staff would be at the show, so I thought I’d find a way to make it down to see two of my three favorite bands play. Because, you know, sometimes you have to sacrifice.

Relient K is headlining a tour that for once in their history did not have a name (as would be noted by front man Matthew Thiessen during the show), bringing along their friends, including show opener House of Heroes and two acts that don’t fit the theme of this website, William Beckett (formerly of The Academy Is…) and Hellogoodbye. I won’t be talking about those acts, because I wouldn’t cover them here normally and I didn’t particularly go to the show to see either of them and I’ll leave it at that.

The tour came to San Diego on Friday evening, July 27th, at a medium sized indoor venue at The House of Blues. This was an all ages show, but there were quite a number of people who were past their teenage years, so there was a nice mix to the crowd.

The show started off right as I walked in the door, with House of Heroes taking the stage. Although the crowd was clearly there to see Relient K, they showed quite the affection for all the bands, with momentum growing naturally throughout the night.

With the recent release of Cold Hard Want, it was nice to see the gang play quite a number of new songs, while not being afraid to play a healthy mix of the older ones. I don’t have a perfect memory of the set list, but I believe the band started off with “Remember The Empire”, in addition to “Dance (Blow It All Away)”, “A Man Who’s Not Afraid” and their first single from the album “Touch This Light”. They mixed in a few older tunes as well, including the beloved “Serial Sleepers” for older fans and “Code Name: Raven”. I think there were a couple other songs as well, but I didn’t have anything to write this stuff down.

The House of Heroes set was tight as ever and I was able to finally meet lead singer Tim Skipper after the set, talking for about five minutes about stuff not at all related to music. Why only five minutes? Because that is the limit on how long I can try to be interesting in a conversation with someone I just met for the first time. Next time, I’ll shoot for ten, Tim.

After a two hour layover of waiting through music that I wouldn’t listen to on my own, Relient K finally took the stage and after some nervous doubt due to the wait, it was well worth my time. The only other time I had seen my favorite band in the whole wide world was three years ago in a stadium, where they got to play a whopping five songs from five hundred or so feet away. This was a little more up close and personal and a much more memorable experience.

Again, I don’t have a particularly great memory of every single thing they played that night, but it was quite numerous and a good time was being had from the front row to the old folks chillin’ back in the bar.

Relient K has seven full length albums and a bunch of EP’s to choose songs from, so there was no way they were going to play every “favorite” of mine, but they did play a lot of them, including quite a number of older tunes.

From the best album of all time, MMHMM, they played “The One I’m Waiting For”, “Be My Escape”, “High of 75″ and surprisingly enough “The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One”.

The loudest pop from the crowd seemed to come from their older albums, when they played “Mood Rings”, “In Love With The 80′s (Pink Tux To The Prom)” and of course “Sadie Hawkins Dance”.

As for their latest full length release, they did play the title track to “Forget And Not Slow Down” and closed the show with “Savannah”, while also tossing in “The Lining Is Silver” from The Birds and the Bee Sides (The Nashville Tennis EP).

For those of us who are dying to hear the next album they have been working on, seeing a show on this tour will geek you right up, as the band played three brand new songs, “Collapsable Lung”, “Boomarang” and a third song they didn’t name that they talked themselves into playing. The sound of these songs sounded a lot more aggressive and fun than the delightfully depressing Forget And Not Slow Down album, which I think plays much better for the type of show they put on.

Big things are coming our way for Relient K and if you want to catch a glimpse there are a few shows left on this tour, which I would highly recommend if you get the chance, even if you’re like me and you have to sift through half a lineup that you don’t care much for.

Now, let this old man recover.

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10 Comments to “Show Review! Relient K And House of Heroes Live At The House of Blues!”

  1. I’ll bet that was neat to go to. I would have ignored those middle acts as well myself, but at least you got a breater after HoH before Relient K, I guess.

    But I think that the real matter at hand is could they not borrow Aaron Gillespie for a night and play “Sahara?” That’s the only Relient K song I’ve really managed to get into, partially because I love everything Aaron Gillespie does (well, I didn’t care for the worship album, but I’m not a fan of that kind of music in general). I’d pay to go to that show just to see House of Heroes and listen to “Sahara,” if they got Aaron to go.

    • I’ve been saying for years that a Relient K/The Almost/The Classic Crime/House of Heroes tour would be incredible…or even an acoustic tour with just the vocalists…and they could perform all those guest vocals songs from FANSD together

      • That would be a great tour, no question. I know when Switchfoot and Anberlin went out on the road together, my cousin and I said that House of Heroes would make that one of the best tours in the history of the universe.

        So how about Swtichfoot and Anberlin headline with those 4 playing beforehand. I’d spend the 6 hours necessary watching them.

  2. The last 3 times I’ve seen Relient K I’ve been kinda letdown. Back in the day they would come on stage and it was like a great party – they seemed soo happy to be there and the smile on Matt’s face was impossible to ignore. Now, it almost seems like it’s a huge bother for them to be there. Granted, the last 3 shows of their’s I’ve seen were at festivals, but this same feeling was also noted by many others.
    Another thing that I also thought was weird was the choice to include “Deathbed” into the live sets at all 3 shows. A great song, GREAT song, but no live performance just ever seems to do it justice, and it just takes soo long.
    This past month at SonShine I brought along 4 of my younger youth kids to see them that really didn’t know them, and none of them were at all impressed.

    • even musicians have bad days…maybe they just don’t like festivals that much…they did seem to be genuinely having a good time at this show, if that encourages you to see them at a small venue :)

  3. Ah man! They should have had you go to the Anaheim show instead. I went to that one and there were quite a few suprises. Tom Wilson (biff from back to the future) revealed himself onstage and sang Sadie Hawkins dance with the band. Stephanie smith also came along and sang her part of God Save the Foolish Kings. The third new song that RK sang was called “When You Were My Baby”. I also attended a tour in Pomona a few years back that featured Relient k, Owl City (on their fist tour) and Runner Runner and that tour didn’t have a name either haha.

    I also got to talk with Skipper, Thissen and Luck after the show. I tried to encourage Skipper to make a full-length Beatles cover album. He said he hears that a lot and they are taking it in consideration. Luck mentioned to me that this new album will be very pop oriented and different than past albums. He also said they are aiming for a January release.

    • hahaha Biff! nice! and random!
      Stephanie got to the show late, so she couldn’t do that in SD.
      I remember that tour existing, didnt get to go for one reason or another.
      I was kinda thinking that the “Boomerang” song seemed like it would be a huge pop hit…I think writing songs for Owl City and touring w/ Paramore has given Matt T a good idea of what it would take to get huge…maybe a revival to the MMHMM glory days?

      January is too far away!!!!!!!!

      • Think Biff is a friend of the band. The band sang happy birthday to his daughter at the Pomona show and he is also featured playing guitar when Relient k played “Sleigh Ride” on Jay Leno. There was also quite a bit of band member family at the show

        On a side note, I absolutely hated William Beckett even though I liked The Academy is… . Hellogoodbye was surprisingly decent though (except that last song they did where the singer tweaked his voice to imitate a robotic dinosaur)

        • I know that Ethan is from OC or something…so that would explain a lot

          the vocal fx on that last song made me want dinosaurs to eat his family or something else unholy. i’m a bad person.

  4. “…these songs sounded a lot more aggressive and fun…” !!! Just what this guy needed to hear.

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