Skillet Begins Recording For New Record!

Skillet Begins Recording For New Record!


Skillet drummer Jen Ledger has tweeted that she has begun tracking for the next Skillet record! Drums are generally the first thing to be done in the studio, so I’m guessing this is day number one!

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14 Comments to “Skillet Begins Recording For New Record!”

  1. Finally! Wasn’t “Awake” 3 years ago. If they’ve been writing all this time, then maybe they have time to record two albums back to back (that’s what I’m hoping…)

    • thats not gonna happen. yes, its been over 3 years since awake and it was 3 years since comatose before that and about the same for collide. they just like to tour a lot like flyleaf did between their first two albums

  2. Oh wow, actually it’s going to be more than that. Since they’re just now recording that means this wont come out until 2013, making it a 4-year gap. Same band that released Invincible, Ardent Worship, and Alien Youth in a two year period lol.

  3. I hope and pray that it’s a more positive sounding industrial hard rock cd verses a gloomy, moody rock vibe. I always loved their “hey You, I Love Your Soul” cd style. The kids love the gloom and doom, but I think it’s been way over done….. Time to move on Skillet and broaden your musical styes and suprize me and many others who used to like your music….. YOU WERE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS

  4. And they are working again with Howard Benson. He was also the producer on the Awake record :/

    I’m afraid too that they will continue the whole Awake thing. I want something heavy like Collide. It was so energetic and raw still melodic and great.

  5. I like Awake but I really hope it’s not going to be an Awake II. Or a progression of Awake.

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