Skillet To Record New Album In October!

Skillet To Record New Album In October!


Have you been waiting for a new album from Skillet? Well, it looks like they are finally going to get to work on recording it in October, so I’d expect the album to be released late Spring or early Summer in 2013.

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13 Comments to “Skillet To Record New Album In October!”

  1. Finally! Can’t wait for it to come out…been many years since the last album came out…

  2. Hopefully it’ll be a better album than the underwhelming Awake (aka Comatose Pt. 2)

  3. Yes I totally hope it is better than Awake… Collide was their best album IMHO, I hope this one is similar to that

    • U high? Comatose was their best and awake was the most successful. Obviously they are going to keep what made them famous.

      • Comatose is a good album, but I liked Collide the best as well. Awake may have been their most successful, but that’s only because…well…never mind. Anyway really hope their next album is better.

        • just say it…generic…marketing…because Nickelback has a fanbase for reason…because the singles were actually very good…

          I’m fine with their current sound (and amazing live show) but I would like to see a little bit more Comatose and a little bit less Comatose B-sides (Awake)

          • Yeah Tyler all of those exactly including the singles. Actually “Hero” may be my favorite song by Skillet!
            I just hope Skillet finally latches onto their potential in this next record…with less songs like “Should’ve When You Could’ve”, “One Day Too Late”, and “Say Goodbye” for that matter. They’re a good band, but they need to not give the people what they think they want. Because people don’t REALLY want generic rock, that’s just all they know. Or that’s what I want to think at least! :)

  4. I agree that Collide was their best overall record, but it was probably the least accessible for radio. Awake had great singles, Hero and Monster are probably my favorite Skillet songs ever, and even Awake and Alive was pretty good. The rest of the album was a disappointment. Comatose was kind of the same way. Rebirthing, Whispers, and Comatose were all great songs.If you combine the good songs from Awake and Comatose, you would have a record that I would have trouble putting down. I even like Live Free or Let Me Die, one of the b-sides from their live album. I don’t understand how that didn’t make the cut on any album.

  5. I like Skillet, but the more I listen to them, the more generic and bland I realize they are. Comatose and Awake had their share of good songs, but Skillet needs to do something special on their next album to make them more than just another rock band. Jen Ledger needs to sing more, throw in some more electronic elements (Sometimes), have mostly rock songs on their album, and don’t be afraid to break down barriers. They have potential, but they’re vastly overrated at the moment. I’m afraid with Howard Benson again, their next album will be just as boring as Awake.

    Oh, and don’t wait four years to record another album. I got bored with Skillet’s live show two years ago. :/

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