The 100 Most Anticipated Christian Albums Of 2013

The 100 Most Anticipated Christian Albums Of 2013

The 100 Most Anticipated Christian Albums Of 2013

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It’s that time again, where we decide that choosing the best albums of 2012 just wasn’t enough, so we also determine which albums we think will come out and be great in this next year. We have based this list on facts, rumors, speculation and wishful thinking. Check out the totally biased, irrational, non-sensible and totally legit results for the best albums of 2013.

  1. Relient K – I thought this might come out last year, but they’ve been working hard in the studio to put out some great new jams, a few of which I heard last Summer. This will be a great pop rock album coming our way in 2013!
  2. Switchfoot – We may have to wait a little while, but the band will soon enough be due for the follow up to Vice Verses, let’s hope they get it in this year!
  3. Emery – With a fun little side project put out in 2012 by Matt & Toby, this band has announced that they are indeed writing for the next album!
  4. Crowder – When DC*B broke up, few knew why or what would become of the band, but the front man has a new project in the works, expect something great in the new year!
  5. Five Iron Frenzy – With their record breaking kickstarter over a year ago, the band is back and their first album in a long, long time will be coming our way!
  6. Audio Adrenaline – Can you believe that DC Talk’s Kevin Max is fronting this band now? It was announced months ago and it’s still surreal, but the band’s new album Kings & Queens is on the way!
  7. Skillet – It seems like Awake came out a century ago, but the band has been working feverishly of late to put the final touches on the new record, we expect big, big things this time around.
  8. Red – This band has been doing nothing but growing over the course of their rocking career, expect Release The Panic to be huge.
  9. The Almost – Aaron Gillespie is leading the way to another alt-rock record, what might it be like? We’ll find out soon!
  10. Jeremy Camp – The man is getting Reckless this year, but we’re assuming this new album will sell like hotcakes, because that’s what Camp’s albums do.
  11. Hawk Nelson – Jonathan Steingard steps into the front man role, what will the album sound like? The lead single Words  makes us expect great things on their new release, Made!
  12. Abandon Kansas – Oh, Jeremy Spring, croon us some songs, won’t you? Ad Astra Per Aspera was great, the singles in between were legit, the next album should be spectacular.
  13. Icon For Hire – What happens when a band tours non stop after a stellar debut album? They make friends. Those friends buy their next album. Ariel and the gang are going to blow up this year.
  14. Chris Tomlin – This dude is singing about Burning Lights and helping the rest of us be one of them.
  15. Jamie Grace – This young woman is a starlette, can she write a song bigger than “Hold Me?” We’ll find out this year!
  16. Ivoryline – Did they disappear? Not exactly, but they’ve been off the radar, quietly making their third full length album, which will surely break new ground.
  17. Hillsong United – The church band will certainly come out with more than just Zion this year, but that’s how they’ll start the year!
  18. Stellar Kart – After putting out a Disney themed EP and an acoustic EP the past two years, get ready for a full length album filled with pop!
  19. Mat Kearney – If you don’t want infectious pop songs stuck in your head, then forget we said anything here!
  20. The Afters – They tend to take longer than expected, but The Afters will be coming up with a follow up to Light Up The Sky This Year, so get ready for some pop rock anthems to fill your ears this year!
  21. Number One Gun – The band is back together and making new tunes!
  22. The Fold – I’ve been told that they would be making the best thing they’ve ever made if they came out with something new, so with a fulfilled kickstarter expect something spectacular!
  23. Love and Death – The Brian Head Welch band will be thrashing around on Between Here And Lost so get to rocking!
  24. Owl City – Because Adam Young always makes new music, that’s what he does.
  25. Sanctus Real – It took them awhile to get their track suits on, but they’re ready to Run this year!
  26. NEEDTOBREATHE – I reckon they’ll make some great music this year.
  27. The Letter Black – I was never sure if the band was going to stick around, but it looks like they’re ready to Rebuild.
  28. Jason Dunn – The former Hawk Nelson front man is ready to put out his solo album, Abandon Progress!
  29. Oh, Sleeper – They came out with one of our favorites a couple years ago, time for another?
  30. Jenny Simmons – The former Addison Road front woman is looking to make it out on her own with The Becoming.
  31. Spoken – This is a done deal, can’t wait!
  32. Jars of Clay – The band just keeps on chugging out new tunes, let’s hope for another album out this year!
  33. Lecrae – I know he just released an album, but I’ve heard rumblings of a new mixtape!
  34. Casting Crowns – The Acoustic Sessions: Just like regular Casting Crowns, but acoustic!
  35. The Devil Wears Prada – It’s been a little bit since Dead Thrones, how about something new?
  36. Seabird – They’re working on something, can’t wait to hear it!
  37. Gungor – They really broke out a couple years ago, maybe they’ll do something even bigger?
  38. Shine Bright Baby – This new band will surprise a few people this year I believe.
  39. All Things New – Another new band looking to make it big this year.
  40. Andy Mineo – We’re looking for a fresh voice in hip hop, we’re looking at you Andy.
  41. Deas Vail – I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, this band is underrated, you need them in your life and I need a new album from them.
  42. Leeland – They really brought me back with The Great Awakening, is it time for another great album?
  43. Family Force 5 – They’re always working on stuff, do we get a brand new album this year or at least some new songs? I believe we do.
  44. Francesca Battistelli – She has one of the biggest voices in the biz, it’s about time she came out with a new record, don’t you think?
  45. August Burns Red – The Christmas album they came out with last year was the bomb, but a regular release should be on its way this year, right?
  46. Josh Garrels – He made a few fans with a free album a couple years ago, how about something new? People just might pay for it this time too!
  47. Shawn McDonald – He wore his heart on his sleeve last time around, I wonder what we’ll get with The Analog Sessions this year?
  48. Brooke Fraser – Another great singer, another great album soon?
  49. Fiction Family – Don’t you want an invite to the Fiction Family Reunion?
  50. Tedashii – I wonder what trails Blacklight!
  51. Daniel Bashta – The writer of the song “God’s Not Dead” is coming out with The Invisible soon!
  52. Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster????
  53. Eisley – Expect some pretty songs.
  54. John Mark McMillan – Is it time to push the boundaries once again? Let’s hope so!
  55. The Civil Wars – Is it time to make something for the Grammys again?
  56. Newsboys – They’ve played about a billion shows since their last album, so why not make a new one? They’re reliable for a new album every couple years, right?
  57. Abandon – They’ve been honing their craft for years, I think they have something great in them.
  58. I Am Empire – If you want to rock out, you’ll want to check out their new release, Anchors.
  59. The City Harmonic – Breathtaking. That’s the kind of music they make. Let’s hear some more this year, gentlemen.
  60. Sho Baraka – What will we get when we hear his new album, Talented 10th?
  61. Josh Wilson – He’s got something in the works, I bet it will be fun times!
  62. Capital Kings – If you like some electric pop, I bet you’ll like the self-titled Capital Kings.
  63. Colton Dixon – What will we get with this singer’s debut, A Messenger?
  64. The Advice – The Advice you’ll receive comes in the form of their self-titled debut full length album!
  65. Karyn Williams – If you’re looking forward to Only You, you’re not the only one!
  66. Meredith Andrews – It has been a short wait, but it will be Worth It All.
  67. Salvador – Get ready for a new record, as they Make Some Noise.
  68. Darlene Zschech – The Hillsong vocalist will be Revealing Jesus with her new album this year!
  69. Plumb – She changed the name of her new record to Need You Now, but we need the album now.
  70. Seventh Day SlumberLove & Worship, the two things they do best.
  71. Britt Nicole – She will be re-releasing Gold, with some new mixes for a crossover release!
  72. Silverline – This alt-rock band has found a way to come out with a new album, you should find a way to listen.
  73. Mandisa – What if she came out with new music?
  74. Jesus Culture – Taking their cue from Hillsong, Jesus Culture always has something new up their sleeve!
  75. Quiet Science – This is me encouraging them to make a new album and encouraging you to not let this indie rock band miss your ears.
  76. JJ Heller – She’ll make something sweet and you will like it because you have a heart.
  77. Phil Wickham – The dude loves to sing songs, so maybe he’ll make some new ones for us to sing along.
  78. Rachael Lampa – She was hidden, then unhidden, now we’re hoping for another new release!
  79. Braille – He made a great hip hop album a couple years ago, will he repeat his success this time around?
  80. The Ember Days – You can do great things with a great fan base, take this band for example.
  81. All Sons & Daughters – With a collection of EP’s released last year, what might they have for us this year?
  82. Peter Furler – The former Newsboys frontman surprised us with a solo effort a couple years ago, will he do it again?
  83. Jonathan Jones – With a We Shot The Moon album out of the way, will another solo album come our way this year?
  84. Tricia Brock – The Superchick front woman is releasing another solo album, maybe we’ll get some more pop on this one?
  85. FM Static – With TFK going in independent last year, what might we see from their alter ego?
  86. Jon Foreman – Is it too much to ask for a JF trifecta this year? Nah!
  87. The Smoking Popes – They had a wonderful album a couple years ago, will they spoil us again?
  88. Jason Castro – The singer wants to move us again with Only A Mountain.
  89. Overcome – Can you doubt an album called No Reserves No Retreats No Regrets?
  90. Those Who Fear – Expect something brutal with Unholy Anger.
  91. Je’kobFaith Hope Love, that’s what the man is all about this year.
  92. Citizens – If you’re into indie rock, you’ll want to check out this new band from Mars Hill Music as they release their self-titled debut, Citizens.
  93. Fit For A King – This metalcore band will be releasing their debut label release with Creation/Destruction.
  94. Kingdom – With their debut album set to release, Kingdom is ready to rock for the Kingdom!
  95. Dustin Kensrue – Will the former Thrice frontman put out something of his own this year? My guess is yes!
  96. Run Kid Run – They can be a bit slow with putting out new music, this is just a nudge in the right direction.
  97. Search The City – What will they sound like with new members? We’ll see!
  98. Vocal Few – Matt and Kristie have something up their sleeves, I bet it sounds real fine!
  99. Bleach – It won’t happen, it may never happen, but it should!
  100. Whatever you want!

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59 Comments to “The 100 Most Anticipated Christian Albums Of 2013”

  1. Great list. Here are a few more that I think will release this year:
    Kerrie Roberts- Time for the Show
    Worship Central- Let it Be Known
    Mikeschair- new album
    Aaron Shust- new album
    Dara MacLean- new album
    Warr Acres- new album
    Amy Grant- new album
    Michael W. Smith- new album

    • I agree too! 2013 looks awesome, with those 100 tyler said, plus the others you mentioned, jon
      also, I think Natalie Grant, Anthem Lights, Steven Curtis Chapman, The Digital Age, City Harbor, Heather Williams, V. Rose, Bethel Live, Jonny Diaz and Nicole C Mullen will release stuff too this year!

  2. Wow, that really was 100 wasn’t it!
    The eight that I’m looking for the most are numbers 7,8,13,22,23,27,59, & 73….
    yup ;)

  3. The ones I’m looking forward to most are Icon For Hire, RED, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Lecrae, Love & Death and Rhema Soul.

  4. Hey Tyler, where did you find out about I Am Empire’s next album being called Anchors?

  5. I didn’t know number one gun was back together! Sweet!!!

  6. Agree with your Deas Vail comment 100000%

  7. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ // January 7, 2013 at 1:27 pm // Reply

    Norma Jean was in the studio in Novemeber, meta-core fans will rejoice in 2013.
    Also, maybe fitting under Jesu Culture, Bryan & Katie Torwalt (He grew up in my church) said they were preparing mterial for a new album, it may come out in 2013.

  8. Was Pillar on here and I just missed it….or did you not know?

  9. Hell Yes EMERY BABY!

  10. Most anticipated for me are: Relient K, Switchfoot, Emery, Brooke Fraser, Ivoryline, and My Epic who is not on your list, Tyler. And because they are not on your list I am afraid I have to scold you for not putting them on your list. SCOLD!

    Other bands I would be psyched if they do release something this year: Gungor, Deas Vail, Quiet Science, Oh Sleeper, Jon Foreman, and John Mark McMillian

  11. This is missing Worship Central and thedigitalage!!!!

  12. Family Force 5 is definitely not Christian. They make fun of Christians on their Facebook page.

    • not to get into a debate, but I feel you may have taken something out of context, considering they perform Christian festivals, we have interviewed them, they talk about their faith all the time, etc.

  13. Emery linked to this from their Facebook, but I’m trying to figure out why As I Lay Dying is on the list. They just came out with a new record back in September.

  14. Pretty good list although you are missing My Epic, my most anticipated of 2013.

    • ah, you’re the second person to make note of that. i think they were on my list last year, so I wasn’t sure what was happening with them if anything, can’t win em all

  15. The ones on this list that I’m stoked about are Love and Death, Spoken, Relient K, The Almost, Emery, Stellar Kart, Ivoryline, I Am Empire, Oh Sleeper, The Devil Wears Prada, and August Burns Red.

    Other Christian metal releases that I’m looking forward to that aren’t on this list:
    Righteous Vendetta, My Heart to Fear, Confide, Phinehas, The Color Morale, and Ace Augustine.

    If all these bands release an album as planned, this will be a HUGE year in Christian Rock and Metal! \m/

  16. how about as cities burn????

    • they are making a comeback, aren’t they? not sure how much they ever wanted to be classified as “Christian”, one of those bands that I’ve never been able to totally figure out to be honest, but I know a lot of people would be stoked about a new album from them

  17. Can´t wait for the new Relient K album. Also stoked for a new Switchfoot, Abandon, Skillet, Abandon Kansas, Silverline, Deas Vail and Five Iron Frenzy. Great list btw!

  18. Two in January right off the bat – Twenty One Pilots and Rend Collective Experiment.

  19. Living Sacrifice is recording a new CD. Classic Solid State band… I’m not sure if you just hadn’t heard or omitted it because it’s not definitely a 2013 release? Pretty good list otherwise. One new CD I’m hoping for is from John Davis formerly of Superdrag.

  20. Mike mains and the branches!

  21. Fellipe de Oliveira Ferreira // January 8, 2013 at 4:08 pm // Reply

    Where P.O.D.?!?!?!

  22. what about beautiful eulogy?? they’re my favourite Christian band from last year. Wish they were known better :) solid list bro!

  23. Peter Bennett // January 8, 2013 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    Dustin Kensrue already made a EP with Mars Hill Music in 2012.

  24. Zack Snyder // January 8, 2013 at 7:16 pm // Reply

    My most anticipated album of 2013 is the new Kings Kaleidoscope album! They are another band from Mars Hill with a full-length album coming out this year! If you haven’t heard of them then check out their facebook page!

  25. Andrew Finch // January 8, 2013 at 10:20 pm // Reply

    I’m so excited for the Relient k album. I wish they wouldn’t take so long to give us a release date (or any info for that matter) I really hope Deas Vail will release some new stuff. They are one of the best bands out there. House of heroes would be great too, but they just released cold hard want so :/

    You didn’t put Sons on here or Mike mains and the branches! ocean is theory just came out with a new cd. It would rock if come wind came out with a new album this year. Canopy climbers is coming out with a new album too!
    I think you should make a list of like all the Christian Alt. indie bands. That would be awesome!

  26. Joshua Corbaz // January 9, 2013 at 4:39 am // Reply

    Five Iron Frenzy?? Really!!!! SOO GOOODD!!! And Emery too?? I think that this year will be a very good year!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  27. im pretty sure marilyn manson christian side project is releasing an album. LOL

  28. Theocracy will re-release their first Album soon. Year and what about Pillar? *gg*
    Greetz from Germany

  29. One of my most anticipated of the year, Capital Kings, just came out! It’s pretty amazing. Definitely a sound missing in Christian music. With the right promoting, these guys could be huge.

  30. You should check out new worship artist with some sigur ros and all sons and daughters influence. she wrote with David from all sons and daughters for it. enjoy!

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