The Afters – Life Is Beautiful (Review)

The Afters – Life Is Beautiful (Review)

The Afters Life Is Beautiful


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Released April 16, 2013

Reviewed by Emily Kjonaas

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“Life is beautiful.” That is exactly the message, and the title, of The Afters’ new CD. The message of this album is to remind the audience that life is beautiful through the ups and downs, no matter what challenges we face, because God is faithful and life with Him is beautiful.

Life Is Beautiful  starts out with “Every Good Thing”, a very upbeat song that has already been a hit at radio. It states that God is the reason for every good thing, even through the incredibly difficult days we face, because He makes beauty out of heartbreak. Following is probably my favorite song of this album, “Breathe In Breathe Out”, another upbeat song that reminds us to: breathe in, breathe out, and slow down in life.

“Broken Hallelujah” is third and is a song about praying to God in the hardest of times. Sometimes we don’t always have the words to pray, but God is always to be praised. ‘Let me always sing, let me always sing Hallelujah…here is my broken Hallelujah.’ It’s a personal reminder for me to never cease to praise God, for He is forever faithful.

At this point, I’m expecting pretty much every song on this record to be a favorite. Other notable favorites include: “Life Is Beautiful”, “Love Is In The Air”, and “This Life”. Okay, let’s just add every other song to be my favorites as well.

This is The Afters’ best work to date and I’m looking forward to their future endeavors as a band. This will be a CD that I will recommend to anyone and everyone. It speaks to the being of humanity, God’s greatest creation, that Life Is Beautiful.

Score: 4.75/5

Track List:

  1. Every Good Thing
  2. Breathe In Breathe Out
  3. Broken Hallelujah
  4. Moments Like This
  5. Find Your Way
  6. Life Is Beautiful
  7. Love Is In The Air
  8. Believe (Waiting For an Answer)
  9. What We’re Here For
  10. With You Always
  11. In My Eyes
  12. This Life


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  1. I’m amazed at The Afters persistence, they have good songs, but not many big hits. Always glad to hear new music from them!

  2. This is a good album! If you like this, Emily, I suggest you check out Hawk Nelson, Kerrie Roberts and Josh Wilson! These 4 plus Audio Adrenaline are my top 5 albums this year so far!

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