The Wedding – “No Direction” (Review)

The Wedding – “No Direction” (Review)

The Wedding No Direction

Tooth & Nail Records

Released September 25th 2012

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? The band who started off with great promise way back in the day with their self-titled debut LP in 2005 and followed up with 2007′s superb sophomore effort Polarity before everything blew up in their faces.

A label implosion and a lead singer change can do strange things to a band. Ever since Matt Shelton (formerly of Letter Kills) took over vocalist duties from the departed Kevin Keihn, things have been different for the group that has two remaining founding members (Trevor Sarver Рguitar and Cody Driggers Рguitar).

What started with an amalgamation of genres, combining elements of punk, emo, alternative and more slowly into one defining of sound, has now become a straight up rock band with a little love for fans of The Classic Crime, The Almost and House of Heroes.

It took the band two EP’s (The Sound The Steel in 2008 and Distance in 2010) for the band to redefine their sound all while continuing to tour and rock the stage live, finally arriving here to the time where they could sign with a more established label and band presence.

If you feel like you’ve had to wait awhile in this review for me to talk about the actual album, now you know what it was like for a fan to wait for the new album to be released, but here we are.

No Direction starts off fast and furious with the title track declaring the cutting of ties and moving forward, before progressively getting even more aggressive on “In The End” and “The Lesser Worth”, the latter of which is the clear top highlight on the album, an emotionally charged song longing for something more than what the American ideal has to offer.

On an album full of adventure, other highlights include an encouragement for the tough times in “Hang On Love” and “Heartbreak In Melody”, the one holdover from the Distance EP, as they are settled in among a surprisingly high number of ballads and mid-tempo tracks, plus the sentimental “Young And Dangerous” and the closer “Distance And Resolution”.

At this point, all that’s left to say is “we made it!” It took five long years to shift from Polarity to No Direction, but at least we got some solid rock music out of it.

Score: 4/5

Track list:

  1. No Direction
  2. In The End
  3. The Lesser Worth
  4. The Raconteur
  5. Hang On Love
  6. The Wildest Ocean
  7. Mors Tua Nos Vita
  8. Kill Any Excuse
  9. Heartbreak In Melody
  10. Don’t Let Me Down
  11. Young And Dangerous
  12. Distance And Resolution

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  1. The pair of songs I heard from this (“No Direction” and “The Raconteur”) were really good. I’m semi-excited about this.

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