The Wrecking – Christian Music Zine Interview!

The Wrecking – Christian Music Zine Interview!

Brothers Darren (drums) and Doug (lead vocals) Elder of pop/rock band The Wrecking, were kind enough to answer some email questions by Christian Music Zine’s Joshua Andre! Below are his responses:

Thank you for taking some time out to talk with CMZ.

Q1: Can you give us a quick description of how you all met, and how the band was formed?


Darren and I are brothers and have been making music and writing together as long as we can remember.  We crossed paths with Karl early on in that process and kind of hit it off and explored a bunch of musical styles together.  Things really seemed to gel into something special when Chris came into the mix.  Collaboration in the creative process is a really exciting thing to us.  We feed off of what each person brings to the mix.

Q2: I first listened to you guys in the song “You Remain”, and I was instantly hooked! What is your sound for someone who hasn’t heard it before? As an independent band, what are the challenges that face you in your recording? How was the recording process on your sophomore album different to A New Abolition, your debut?


Thankfully we have a great place to record in The Halo.  Its a fantastic place to work and its literally in our backyard.  People come from all over the country to make music there, and we get to write and record there, and take a break to run home and feed the dog, which is nice.  The more we write and record I think we learn how to push ourselves harder, while still “letting it happen.”  There’s a fine line that should be walked as much as possible.  Right on the edge of spontaneous art and scientific discipline. 

Q3: What is the story behind the singles ‘View From the Top’ and ‘About to Fall’? I love the ingenuity behind the animated music video of ‘View From the Top’; what is the story behind that? If there’s one phrase or word that describes your new album thematically, what would that be?


-”View From the Top” is a call for perspective.  A right perspective is something worth seeking out, striving for.  If perspective suffers, life suffers. 

- “About to Fall” is a story song.  The story is meant to help us realize none of us are immune from pain or heartache.  To remember the truth in the statement “But by the grace of God… there go I”

-Karl built that video from scratch.  All of the characters were drawn on paper by Karl, then photographed with his cell phone, and brought to life with some pretty heavy duty software which he taught himself to use on the fly.  Crazy Reality Check!


Without exception, to love is to hurt.  The moment you open yourself up to truly love someone else it will cost you.  At the same time, love is probably the most abused term in our or any other language.  So many times people speak of how they “love” others, and the word sounds the same, but rather than it being a self sacrificing devotion; selfishness and manipulation are in disguise.  This double edged sword cuts all of us at one time or another. The record is rooted in this premise. So many times we are broken before we are built… sometimes it is true love that breaks us, sometimes it is the imitation… but it is always the real thing that heals us and builds us into what we are supposed to be. 

Q4: Which songs on So Much For Love are your favourite or easiest to sing live, write or record in the studio? Any difficult songs to write/perform?


I am a sucker for “Life in Reverse”!  I feel like the imagery matches the sound very well.  It takes me places every time.  Lately we have been starting the live set with it and it seems to set a nice tone for the musical path we want to go on.


Live is the sandbox for me!  I love to play and try to give it all I got.  I hope the show brings a smile to our Lord’s face.  I hope that he views our songs as our finger painted offerings… I hope He sees the songs as our adoration of Him and our instigation against evil in the world.

Q5: How is it like working with Dustin Burnett and Adam Ayan? Mark Nash has been a mentor of sorts to the band, how is working with him?


Dustin is nothing less than family to us. We were strangers for only a few minutes.  We started writing songs together… about 15 minutes later we were lifelong friends.

Adam is a true master in his craft.  If you had a crystal ball and told me nobody else would ever master one of our tunes, ever… I would be completely happy with that.


Mark is an amazing guy.  We met through a mutual circle of friends.  He heard the music and believed in us. The best advice he has given us to date, is to seize every opportunity, big or small, to try to build our musical narrative in a way such that it can have lasting impact on the spiritual lives of all who listen.  We are blessed to call Mark a friend and are empowered by his example. 

Q6: Are there any artists, songwriters, or producers- Christian and/or mainstream that you would like to work with, in the next few years? Who is your favourite artist at the moment? Who has inspired you the most?


Hello Hurricane certainly makes me want to spend some serious time with Switchfoot.  That album really hit me hard. I feel my life is more complete because of it.  U2 is on a level all its own.  Achtung Baby is certainly my most listened to album of all time.  Nothing else is even a close second.  I love The Myriad, The Daylights, Paper Route, The Killers, Sanctus Real, Third Day, so many more…

Q7: Tell us about the work you have supported and done for organisations like ‘International Justice Mission’, ‘Love 146’, ‘Childvoice International’ and ‘Not For Sale’? How have these organisations challenged and/or strengthened your faith in Jesus?


We have felt from the very early stages of the band that the issue of human trafficking is one that chose us.  We feel like throwing ourselves and our craft into the fight is what we can do to make a difference.  Great organizations like IJM, Love146, and NOT FOR SALE have shown us how.  Seeing the lives that are changed through their work has made us realize the very distinct possibility that slavery can end in our lifetime especially if the Body of Christ takes the lead.


We care about seeing the enslaved made free because Jesus first freed us.  In The Scriptures it is made clear that the kind of religion God honors cares for orphans and widows in their distress.  Touring for Not For Sale provides us an opportunity for our band to matter in the fight against modern day slavery in very practical terms.  We are honored to stand with them, they are our heroes.

Q8: Your songs have been in the mainstream media of late, most notably the Showtime series ‘The Big C’. How has that level of success impacted you as a band? What do you do as a band and personally to keep yourself grounded in your faith and not be swayed by the world?


It has been a blessing to have songs placed in these settings.  We are very thankful.

We have no delusions about who we are.  We are 4 guys in 100% need of The Savior.  He uses us in spite of ourselves… He doesn’t need us to accomplish His intentions, but because of His great love He chooses to involve us.  Very humbling.  Hoping that we can be salt and light in very real terms.

Q9: How excited are you for SoulFest and SoulQuest 2012 with Switchfoot and needtobreathe? What can people expect from your live shows? Are there any countries you are planning to tour in the near future?


We are stoked to play with Switchfoot and Needtobreathe! they are some inspiring cats for sure!

We are hoping to tour anywhere and everywhere.  We have had some discussions recently that have included the the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Peru

Q10: Is there anything you would like to add that we have not covered yet, about the music, or some words of encouragement you would like to impart, from your own life or from the Scriptures? Is there anything interesting that the readers do not know that you would like to share?

Romans 8:35-39

Colossians 3:2

Colossians 2:2-3

Acts 20:24

Psalm 42:8

Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 33:3

God bless you Doug, Darren, Karl and Chris! Have an awesome 2012 and 2013 with Jesus!

The Wrecking’s sophomore album So Much For Love releases via Chosen Records on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and other digital media outlets August 21st 2012.


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