Tobymac – “Eye On It” (Review)

Tobymac – “Eye On It” (Review)

TOBYMAC - Eye On It - Final Cover


Released August 28th 2012

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Having recently released both a Christmas album and a remix album, tobyMac is back at it with a relatively quick turn around two and a half years after his most recent traditional release (Tonight), presenting his latest album Eye On It.

There was a time when it was pretty fair to say that the former DC Talk star was in the hip hop game, but with each release it becomes more evident that he has evolved into a pop star, with only slight hints of the old days of rap/rock fusion.

Eye On It is a lengthy album, especially if you include the plethora of remix tracks available on the deluxe edition, but with feel good tunes arriving late in the Summer, it flows so quickly that I hardly even notice.

The album starts off with the debut single, “Me Without You”, the electronic era influenced pop song that might remind you of Owl City with a very different set of vocals. The album quickly sets a tone of humility and a proper perspective of stardom with another pop hit called “Steal My Show”.

Do you want to dance? Wait, do you want to dance like you’re in a video game? Then the title track, “Eye On It”, is your jam, continuing a trend of head bopping songs that you would be hard impressed to not want to move with the beat.

“Forgiveness” is the closest thing you’ll get to old school tobyMac, with a sweet set of rhymes brought by hip hop master Lecrae. “Speak Life” is a bit of a mid-tempo sleeper, before pumping it back up with “Unstoppable”, which features Group 1 Crew’s Blanca.

If you were expecting a piano pop song like “Lose Myself” on the album, you’re the only one, but you were right, so kudos to you. This sets up the ballad, “Family”, which marks a few too many slow songs for what I’d prefer on a tobyMac album, as it kills all the adrenaline picked up earlier in the record.

The man gets sentimental late in the album with songs like “Thankful For You” – talking about the fans, “Made For Me” – talking about his wife, ┬áMac Daddy (Tru’s Reality) – the song featuring his son Tru Dog, and “Favorite Song”, which features Jamie Grace, who became a star last year with tobyMac’s help on her own hit song “Hold Me”.

After that, we get into the remixes only available on the Deluxe Edition, which for me gets a little too repetitive as I’d rather hear a bonus track B-side than the same song produced a different way in the same listen.

For all the genres that we have available to us, the pop genre seems woefully ignored in the Christian culture of music, which seems ridiculous when tobyMac transitioned to it so well.

Although I generally would prefer tobyMac’s hip hop beats over anything else he can do, this is a top notch production that should prove to be one of the more favorable albums of the year. After all these years, he’s still cooler than you or me.

Score: 4.25/5

Track List:

  1. Me Without You
  2. Steal My Show
  3. Eye On It
  4. Forgiveness (Featuring Lecrae)
  5. Speak Life
  6. Unstoppable (Featuring Blanca from Group 1 Crew)
  7. Lose Myself
  8. Family
  9. Thankful For You
  10. Made For Me
  11. Mac Daddy (Tru’s Reality)
  12. Favorite Song (Featuring Jamie Grace)
  13. Me Without You (Capital Kings Remix)
  14. Steal My Show (Jack Shocklee Remix)
  15. Lose Myself (Capital Kings Remix)
  16. Family (Jamie Moore Remix)
  17. LoudNClear Tru (Telemitry Remix)
  18. Me Without You (Telemitry Remix)

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12 Comments to “Tobymac – “Eye On It” (Review)”

  1. Great review! Wasn’t Britt Nicole supposed to be a guest vocalist on the album- on the title track?

  2. I totally agree with the slow songs just overpowering the entire album. They are good, but that’s not where Toby shines and not what most fans want. So many of the mid-tempo songs sound alot alike. There are some songs that just don’t don’t really “belong” in my opinion – Lose Myself and Made For Me. Just don’t really care for either of them although I don’t mind the Lose Myself Remix. I thought it was odd to include a remix of the LoudNClear on this album, it really belongs on Dub’d & Freqd in my opinion. Not my favorite Toby album, but it’s still good

    Me Without You
    Eye On It
    Lose Myself
    Thankful For You
    Made For Me
    Favorite Song

    Steal My Show
    Speak Life


  3. Honestly, I am surprised by how much I dig the first single + the album cover. That’s enough for me to give the record an honest chance – and I haven’t give old TMac a chance since Momentum.

    • don’t u love ‘tonight’, ‘welcome to diverse city’ and ‘portable sounds’? i guess if toby wants to go pop, that’s ok. u have group 1 crew, lecrae, kj-52 to do rap/hip hop now!

      • Well, “Lose My Soul” is arguably one of my favorite CCM songs in recent history, but no I haven’t really been able to get into Toby. I can respect his talent, tho. I think he’s one of the best in the biz.

  4. I’ve was a fan of Tobymac when I was in high school. Weird how as I grew older and mature in my music tastes Toby went pop. While I still respect the man I can’t really get into his music anymore =/

  5. good call on owl city.. but I think it extends to the entire album
    auto-tune city

  6. The beginning of this album is great, but towards the end I find myself skipping songs. I don’t really care for “Family,” “Made for Me,” and “Mac Daddy.” “Thankful for You” isn’t great either, but I don’t skip it.

    I don’t really like it when artists put songs about people that are very clearly about one person, such as “Made for Me.” I don’t mind love songs, but I like it when they can be used universally with others. I like songs that I could one day play for my wife and say this is how I feel about you, but I can’t really do that with this one.

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