Tobymac vs For Today (CMZ Tourney Madness) Rd 2

Tobymac vs For Today (CMZ Tourney Madness) Rd 2

CMZ Tourney Madness Center Page!

This is a second round game featuring Tobymac versus For Today! Voting begins at 9 AM and lasts until the next day at 9 AM, so vote now! 1 vote per person! Let us know who you voted for in the comments!

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4 Comments to “Tobymac vs For Today (CMZ Tourney Madness) Rd 2”

  1. For Today Please

    • Robert Shell // March 14, 2012 at 9:11 am // Reply

      Follow Tyler’s advice. Recruit more hardcore/metal fans.

      Although I would prefer FT here. I totally get how Toby Mac would get more votes. Some of the other harder bands though that have lost… Well that’s a different story. But it’s the fans choice, we’ll just have to try to even that out… :)

      • this was a fairly close game…considering that tobymac has been a festival headliner for his entire career…but yes, more heavy music fans will mean more votes for them next year…theyre already doing better than they did last year for sure

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