Tooth & Nail Announces Signing of Love And Death

Tooth & Nail Announces Signing of Love And Death


Tooth & Nail has announced signing Brian “Head” Welch’s band Love and Death:

We’d like to officially welcome Love & Death to the Tooth & Nail Family!

The new band led by former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch will release its debut album “Between Here & Lost” on November 20th! Like the album title suggests, “Between Here & Lost” captures the honesty of light and darkness, beauty and tragedy, good and evil, delivered by a band with intense passion and commitment to the message of its music.

“This record was birthed from trials, tribulations, pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, and drama” states Welch. “However, we came out on top and the end result is a very real, raw & honest record. We are so stoked for people to hear it! From our opening song ‘The Abandoning’, to our cover of Devo’s ‘Whip it’, to our collaboration with Mattie Montgomery from For Today on ‘I W8 4 U’, It’s an exciting piece of art and the listener will feel the different range of emotions with the lyrics & melodies of each song.”

Love & Death formed when Welch decided to have open auditions on YouTube in 2009. “I picked the guys and then had a jam session in Phoenix” says Welch. “Over the last couple of years, there have been a few line up changes as we went through normal growing pains. The current band has been together and touring for a while now and they are a big part of the new music and the future of Love & Death.”

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4 Comments to “Tooth & Nail Announces Signing of Love And Death”

  1. Woo Hoo!

  2. This is great. I’m always excited when T&N signs someone, especially when it’s a band I had already been listening to.

    This led me to look at their current lineup, and I’m confused by some of the artists still listed such as Copeland, Mae, And Then There Were None, Secret & Whisper, Sent By Ravens and Queens Club. I thought they were all done as bands. Also, it’s odd to see TFK and Project 86 still listed since I thought they were independent now. Obviously T&N updates their roster since their new bands are on there. I wonder why these others are still there.

  3. Yes! I love this band & Brian Welch’s different creative flair. So glad to see them get on a label that will promote them well.

    I didn’t hear about Sent By Ravens! That just ruined my day.

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