Truth In The Lyrics: Stellar Kart – “Spending Time”


You have to take the way back machine all the way to the year 2005 to when Stellar Kart released their debut album, “All Gas. No Break” to consider their song “Spending Time” for this week’s Truth In The Lyrics.

Because of my recently released side project blog, Undistracted Christian, it was very natural for me to be thinking about the topic of wanting to spend time with God, so it shouldn’t be that surprising that I remembered the days of when Stellar Kart was a little more pop punk and a little less pop rock.

The reason why I am doing that site and that this is such an important topic to be talking about is that I think it is a universal problem for Christians, from the wealthiest to the poorest, we all have things that can take away from our time with God, even when there is really nothing to do!

The stupid thing, of course, as Stellar Kart’s Adam Agee pointed out in the song is that there is really no good reason and that God is absolutely worth our time and He never leaves us disappointed when we do in fact spend time with Him.

If there are any songs that speak to you because of the truth in the lyrics, you can send in a ghost post to (300-500 words) and we just might use it!


Just so happens that my schedule is empty
But still there’s no room for You
The time has come and gone
Things have come along that take me away from you

Don’t take this the wrong way
You’re so perfect
And everything tells me
You’re so worth it

Spending time with You
Not a moment goes by that You’re not by my side
Spending time with You
You’re all that I want life is so hard to do

When we first met I remember I’d do anything for You
But as the years go by
I let my attentions slide
And I’m pulling away from You

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